Solid State Light Chip

An energy-saving hybrid cultivation system for plants that uses solar and artificial light sources. Artificial light is used at night, supplemented by solar light in the daytime. Capable of providing a stable quantity of light, the system also has an optional automatic light adjustment function.

EcoTech’s invested interest in artificial lighting technology is aimed at creating a more successful growing climate. Solid state lighting is the future of efficient, sustainable lighting solutions. The photos below represent the next stage in the revolution of lighting technology. Light-Chips are not like bulbs or LED’s, they are a printed circuit boards with light emitting pixels; and the benefits make it a superior product.

The benefits of EcoTech’s Light-Chip are numerous. The Light-Chip boasts an average rated life span of 80,000 hours. It creates 100-110 lumens per watt; or 50-1500 micromoles for photosynthesis; and lamp lumen depreciation value of .96. For those in the agriculture industry, the Light-Chip can be customized to meet spectrum specific criteria needed for maximum photosynthesis (ideally 660nm and 440nm, 4-1 ratio). The operating temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly lower than traditional HID and LED equivalencies; and is warm to the touch allowing plants within inches for maximum micromoles and without the chance of burning. With these benefits, commercial growers and indoor gardening enthusiasts alike can start to address issues in creating a successful growing climate (energy consumption, heating / cooling, maximum photosynthesis).