ETFE Pillow

The pneumatic ETFE pillow will be used to encapsulate our BioDomes, adding a number of beneficial characteristics. ETFE, compared to greenhouse glass, is 1% of the weight, transmits more light, and costs 24%-75% less to install. Other characteristics include being able to bear 400 times its own weight, 50-year life span, self-cleaning, and recyclable.

GreenDome’s Business

GreenDome’s Business-GreenDome’s mission is to design the most cost effective and sustainable biodome structures using membrane architecture. It will work closely with Clearbuilt who will construct GreenDome’s designs.

What Is Membrane Architecture?

Various materials can be used for membrane architecture. However GreenDome is initially designing structures using ETFE (Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene) for’ GreenDome s Biodomes.

Why Is It Attractive?

When compared to more conventional building techniques (used in greenhouse nurseries, stadiums, shopping centers), membrane architectural structures are:

More economical to design and manufacture;

Easier to build, even in urban environments;

A cheaper, more sustainable alternative;

And with the demand for modern buildings, membrane architecture provides increased versatility for eye-catching designs.