About Us

ECO Energy Tech is an urban agricultural research and development company that supplies licenced technologies in Asia.

It’s ECO Energy Tech’s goal to pursue sustainabilty aspects in a commercially viable way.

Technology. Vision. Passion. It took all three and more than 7 years to develop EcoTech Food completely. We founded Future Growing with the dream that one day everyone on the planet in their local community would have access to healthy food.

ECO Energy Tech designs and builds the World’s best and most sustainable food growing greenhouse systems for commercial growers, urban farmers, and people who like tastier, healthier food. We knew that it would be the perfect way to reach our aim to supply a healthy diet for you and your family. Learn more about the GreenDome System. In 2012, we began to produce and supply Eco Energy Tech for farmers and markets in Asia.

What is EcoTech

  • Simply put, EcoTech means new agriculture. The world’s agricultural systems are changing and EcoTech is playing a leading role. The factors that stimulate these changes are ubiquitous and transparent: efficient energy consumption, unpredictable weather and sustainable production chains. EcoTech means new agriculture, new innovations, new technologies, new strategies.

    Aeroponic planting systems: aeroponics allows fast growth cycles and the elimination of soil as substrate. Exposed plant roots are periodically inmersed in a water-based mixture that is enriched with oxygen. The mixture contains carefully selected nutrients which supply the nutritional elements needed for optimal growth. The carbon dioxide concentration can be checked on the leafs. The constant, controlled climate eliminates damage from bad weather, minimizes infestation, accelerates plant growth, allows for numerous growth cycles each year und extends the length of storage of packaged plants because aeroponic plants can be packaged and sold as long as they are still alive. Crops with a potentially higher nutritional value than field crops are created because the nutrition supply is controlled and 10 times less water is used than in traditional agriculture.

    The Future of EcoTech

    When you use EcoTech systems collectively they offer numerous advantages for the future of food production. Commcercial planters benefit from increased crops and longer growth periods. EcoTech’s systems allow for Ecodomes to be build closer to city centers where they can be placed on roof areas.