ECO Energy Tech is an urban agricultural research and development company that supplies licenced technologies in Asia. It’s ECO Energy Tech’s goal to pursue sustainabilty aspects in a commercially viable way.

Technology. Vision. Passion. It took all three and more than 7 years to develop EcoTech Food completely.We founded Future Growing with the dream that one day everyone on the planet in their local community would have access to healthy food.

ECO Energy Tech designs and builds the World’s best and most sustainable food growing greenhouse systems for commercial growers, urban farmers, and people who like tastier, healthier food.

Our Products

EcoTech’s systems when used together offer a number of benefits for the future of food production. Large scale commercial growers will benefit from increased yields and longer growing seasons. However, EcoTech’s systems allows for Greendome’s to be build closer to urban centers where they can be placed on roof tops.

EcoTech Aerotec‘s mission is to design and develop the most cost effective, highest yielding growing systems for the horticultural industry.